Zero Input Mixer Feedback SFX Library

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The Zero Input Mixer Feedback Library is a collection of not so pleasant, and maybe some that are, sounds created from "zero input" or "no input" mixer techniques.

Coming from the noise music scene, the zero input mixer setup is plugging a mixers outputs back into its own inputs to create a feedback loop. The creative part then becomes what signal processing you do with in that feedback loop. For this sample collection a variety of guitar pedals were used and manipulated to create walls of feedback that have interesting tones and textures to them. Delays, reverbs, distortions and modulators were played to ride the waves and attempt to keep the chaos under control. Recordings were done with several different chains of pedals and done with both passive and active mixers. Source recordings where then edited into loops with no further processing and presented as raw as they could be.

It's the sounds of the circuits singing.

It's crazy feedback recordings
It's 73 files
They're all 96kHz and 24bit
They all loop


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A collection of 73 looping audio files of crazy feedback sounds.

96kHz 24bit
Number of files
368 MB

Zero Input Mixer Feedback SFX Library

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I want this!